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(You need the first three files below, you should probably get the fourth one, being a Tutorial and stuff, and there's no reason to not get the rest. They're all free, after all! Also, check the list of errata just after the links to know about my more recent "screw-ups realizations").










CORE, Pg 49: As a matter of fact, the table for NPC Moods is not in the Book of Tables, but in the Companion Booklet. A future version of the former would probably include it, nevertheless.

CORE, Pg. 61: The table at the top-right of the page is missing one row, and its current last row is wrong. Thus, for the  'No' row, the correct values would be  Level -1/-1 and AR +0/-2, and the missing 'No, and' row would have the values Level -1/-2 and AR -2/0

CORE, Pg 128: In the Search the Unknown Action, the NPC disapproves that! when your explorations can anger a Faction use a TEST (A-C) for the 7 - 9 result and a TEST (A-B) for the 6- result.

BOOK OF TABLES, Pg 51: The Pulp McGuffins table has a duplicated 'Pyramid' result. Change one of them for...hmm...what about 'Dial'? It rings a bell.... 

The origin

VISORPG was the result of an experiment: as explained in the game’s introduction, I had known about ‘solo’ RPGs from a long time, but I always had found that concept a little strange…so I never dared to give them a try. Cue 2022, and as one new Year's resolutions I decided to make that try, after all! And I decided that because the concept didn’t sound so strange to me once I started visualizing me as playing that kind of game as an adventure/RPG/visual novel videogame...without computer, console or whatever. On the other hand, I didn’t know about any already existing solo RPG which worked in such way…and, nevertheless, I was interested in trying a very specific kind of story, so I decided to homebrew my own system. And, at the end, writing the rules turned out into part of the game, so I started putting them in a somewhat readable format. The key word here is 'somewhat': wrote the game in English...which isn't my first language. 

[Yeah, a solo RPG which was initially thought for just my own use, and I didn’t use my first language. Go figure.]

Now, fast forward a few months: in September 2022, I started writing a new version of the game, with plenty of changes…but keeping most of its essence. Ah, yeah, and most of the material that was already writing because I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel! Cue November 2022…and here there is, the second edition of the game: VISORPG Z!


The core game

In VISORPG Z you’ll find rules for playing a solo RPG story, taking plenty of inspiration on how videogames work and also screening plenty of lists of tropes for different genres. 

Thus, the game includes...

1) Rules for character creation, from the game Main Characters to the 'just being there' Bystanders.

2) Rules for setting generation (a.k.a. 'game templates') for a heap of different genres: classic fantasy, isekai fantasy, modern shounen supernatural action, sentai, mahou shoujo, pulp adventures, science fiction, and more.

3) Rules for Dialogues with NPCs, inspired on dialogue trees from videogames. Icon-based dialogue trees, to be precise.

4) Rules for Action resolution. Yes, that capital 'A' is important. You can resolve dramatic conflicts, tense investigations, mecha combats, etc., with them. Also, fishing, home furnishing and game-card collecting, if that's your thing!

5) Tables full of special events for different genres (Action, Horror, Comedy, etc.), sample characters an locations, etc. 

6)  AI generated art...or maybe AI generated not-art (the jury is still out). A million times better than what I could have made by myself...but still far worse than what I surely could have got I my computer specs were not in the bare minimum (let's just say that cherry tree has few cherrys to cherrypick from).

What's changed (and new)

Here there is a list of the main changes you can find in this second edition of the game.

  • No more pseudo-pseudo-code description of the rules. It was kinda cute at the beginning (hey, at least I found it cute!), but keeping that format was more and more difficult as new rules were added with each add-on.
  • No Action cards this time, but an Actions play-out document instead. As the number of Actions growth, managing that deck of card was getting more and more difficult, instead of, you now, helping. 
  • No tutorials, either. Sorry for that, but to be honest those in the first edition were written to teach myself to play the game…and, in general, playing solo RPGs! Maybe I’ll wrote one in the future…
  • There’re no dialogues with sample characters in the text anymore…which in turn leads to less rambling in the main text. On the other hand, now there’re footnotes, with lots and lots of rambling!
  • Plenty of the material in the first edition add-ons are now in the core manual, via all those templates. Some of them have suffered relevant changes, on the other hand.
  • The game is now universal from the very beginning, as it assumes no game genre, scope, length, etc. Instead, it offers a bunch of templates to create a game of specific genres (and styles), but it also lets you create everything from scratch.
  • Action rolls are still based on 2d6. Table rolls are now based on 2d10, which allows more results. Expect plenty more of tropes this time…or not, if you already had the Higher Resolution add-on!
  • Damage levels have been turned into good old HPs, because if FATE system is allowed to make that change then this game also should, dang it!
  • The concept of failure boxes for conflicts is no more. After all, ‘damage’ in this game was already abstract enough to include combat failure states beyond ‘being KO by a punch in the face’.
  • Quirk rules have been redefined, and at the same time unified.
  • A bunch of Actions have been modified, eliminated or freshly included. As expected, anything related to damage needed a change, but that’s just the beginning!
  • Personal goals are now just Personal interests: irrelevant but fun stuff; for getting new coolz powers, you must train!
  • All Main Cast NPCs have Spirit +1 now. That makes easier turning one of them into the protagonist, as the only thing you need to do is raising that value to +2.
  • All relationships traits (Attitude, Bond, Fellowship, etc.) are now just Attitude, period. Still, it has different meanings depending on the nature of the relationship with the NPCs.
  • Unlocking Companions requires fulfilling part of their Personal Plots (formerly Personal Quests), but it doesn’t have any other associated cost. On the other hand, unlocking NPCs doesn’t turn them into Bonds anymore.
  • The different ways a NPC can be in your party, from the insufferable Load to the steadfast Companion, are described and detailed.
  • Now there is a more systematic way of managing plots, including deciding how well (or bad) they end. If someone reading that part feels a déjà vu involving iron thingies and solemn oaths…oh, well, guilty as charged!

Versions story

Version 0.01

First release. With quite the offenders in the mistakes department, as seen below!

Version 0.02

Here there are the offenders, but also the welcomed (?) changes and additions.

  • Some typos have been squashed. All of them? Ha, as if! There may be new ones, as I have added new text!
  • All that mixed-up use of the terms ‘Final Attack’, ‘Final Technique’ and ‘Ultimate Technique’ have been corrected. I hope!
  • The NPC effects for Party members and Companions have been corrected: now, the ‘Give me a hand!’ effect appears somewhere!
  • The fact that the Update relationships Action applies to all NPCs, and not only those who are with you at any given moment, has been specified.
  • The “failure countdown” concept for Quests is now explicitly explained, instead of just being implied.
  • The fact the Predictable penalty only applies to the Fight for victory Action is specified the first time it’s mentioned.
  • Break Bond and End Romance always reset the AR to +0 if it was higher than that, and eliminates the Pleased condition, regardless the result.
  • A plot doesn’t need to have a tag, if none of them applies; this fact is now clearly specified the first time these tags are mentioned.
  • You can’t use again the Take a short rest Action until you take the Take a long rest or To be continued… Actions. Ouch, that was a BAD omission, even if reading between lines, the “Resting and Pacing” box of text pointed in the right direction.
  • It’s been clarified than, in a Five Members Team game, Brawns can use the Take one for the team effect it they has been Wounded just once (as this NPC can be Wounded again without being KO’ed).
  • Dialogue rules have been expanded with new optional rules, including: you can be Aggressive with more people, you can have a ‘favorite’ Tone, you may find yourself without anything to say and look silly, and the NPC Mood has a mechanical effect on the Dialogue. See? New content! Not everything should be correcting mistakes!
  • Dialogue tables and Threat summary have been moved from the Book of Tables to the Companion Booklet; after all, they were crunchier than fluffier.
  • The Combat Techniques tables is now triple instead of double because…hey, why not?
  • Last, but not least, the (Antifungal-Treated) Wearable Science Fiction Helmet card is now even bigger! Isn’t it cool?

Version 0.03

  • Some minor corrections have been incorporated into the text. Those for the months-old errata, yeah.
  • Some illustrations have been updated.
  • The advanced M8B Oracle described in the ‘Tell me the Odds!’ micro add-on and the Gen(r)erator from the ‘Welcome to Trope included as advanced (and thus, optional, rules.
  •  A new Action (Good things, small packages) lets you play a short game without having to prematurely end it if you fail at one of is based on. 
  •  A new option for advancing on a Quest by some asspull-y method at the cost of checking one of its failure boxes is included.


Here you'll find the links for all VISORPG-Z files. Again. Just in case.


And just in case the latest version breaks something, here there are the files of the previous one, as those that have been deprecated by the 0.03 version! 

Legacy files

Here you'll find the links for all the first edition material, just for keeping the legacy and stuff.  

 VISORPG Manual - Version Beta 0.06

[TOOL] ViSoRpg Tools for Inspiration Pad Pro Ver 0.02

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