VISORPG - Videogame-ish Solo Roleplaying Game


Link for the current version (Beta 0.06)

VISORPG Development Tool (Beta 0.04)

[TOOL] Pad Pro tools for the game (Ver 0.02)

[ADD-ON] Outlaw Effect - Trek Wars (Ver. 0.02)

[TOOL] Outlaw Effect - Trek Wars Game Setup

[ADD-ON] Rule of Fives (Ver. 0.02)

[ADD-ON] Rule of Fives - Up to Eleven (Ver. 0.02)

[ADD-ON] Higher Resolution (Ver. 0.01)


The origin

VISORPG is the result of an experiment: as explained in the game’s introduction, I had known about ‘solo’ RPGs from a long time, but I always had found that concept a little strange…so I never dared to give them a try. Cue 2022, and as one new Year's resolutions I decided to make that try, after all! And I decided that because the concept didn’t sound so strange to me once I started visualizing me as playing that kind of game as an adventure/RPG/visual novel videogame...without computer, console or whatever.

On the other hand, I didn’t know about any already existing solo RPG which worked in such way…and, nevertheless, I was interested in trying a very specific kind of story, so I decided to homebrew my own system. And, at the end, writing the rules turned out into part of the game, so I started putting them in a somewhat readable format. The key word here is 'somewhat': wrote the game in English...which isn't my first language. 

Yeah, a solo RPG which was initially thought for just my own use, and I didn’t use my first language. Go figure.


The core game

In VISORPG core manual you’ll find rules for playing a solo RPG story, taking plenty of inspiration on how videogames work and also screening plenty of lists of tropes for different genres. 

Thus, the game includes...

1) Rules for character creation, from the game Main Characters to the 'just being there' Bystanders.

2) Rules for setting generation for on a sample genre ('Supernatural High School' stories) and suggestions for creating your own genres.

3) Rules for Dialogues with NPCs, inspired on dialogue trees from videogames. Icon-based dialogue trees, to be precise.

4) Rules for Action resolution. Yes, that capital 'A' is important.

5) Tables full of special events for different genres (Action, Horror, Comedy, etc.) 

6) And much more!

The game also includes three Tutorials, concerning setting & main character creation, NPC creation & dialogues, and typical gameplay, respectively. Everything has been played for real, letting the dice roll and the cards be dealt to see what happens (spoiler: little, if everything, was what I expected to happen), at least in my case, mission accomplished, then?).

The Add-ons

Below, you'll find a brief description of the available Add-ons for the game: just click on their respective banners if you want to check more information. Or just download them using the links above (and below): they're  all free, so you're not losing much by doing it! 

This sci-fi Add-on takes the VISORPG game into spaaaaaaace! You'll find here rules for creating (or searching for) a capable crew, spaceship combat, space exploration, etc. All of this, based on two different game modes: 'Starship Captain', where you'll command an elite crew and a state-of-the-art spaceship at the service of your Federation, and 'Space Rogues', where you'll command (more or less) a ragtag team of misfits, with an eye looking for the next profitable (even if shady) work...and the other eye watching for impatient creditors, cutthroat rivals and unsympathetic authorities.

Do you feel that the core manual doesn't have enough tropes? No problem, with this Add-on you'll be covered. Here, you'll find expanded tropes tables (with 100 results each, mind you, instead of the usual 36) for your favorite genres. Or, at least, we expect that you'll like some of them (the selection is quite varied, after all!).

In this Add-on, you'll find rules to create a command an artechypical five-members team,  playing the role of the Leader and guiding the Lancer, the Heart, the Brain and the Brawn to victory (or, at least, that's the plan!). This Add-on include rules for five different genres (SentaiMahö Shöjo, Masters of the Elements, The Great Heist & Pop Band), advanced rules for dialogue and intra-party relationships, mecha combat, etc.

This Add-on has its own Add-on! Rule of Fives - Up to Eleven, introducing 5+1 new genres: The Adventurers (Classical and Isekai), City of Supers, City of Darkness, Danger Land! and The Spirit of the Forest.

The files

Here you'll find the most up-to-date version of VISORPG, and every additional material I've made for it. 

 VISORPG Manual - Version Beta 0.06

[TOOL] ViSoRpg Tools for Inspiration Pad Pro Ver 0.02

VISORPG Development Tool (rtf version of the manual, version 0.04)

[ADD-ON] Rule of Fives (Ver. 0.02)

[ADD-ON] Higher Resolution (Ver. 0.01)


Here, you'll find a compilation of errata for the most current version of each document.

VISORPG Core Manual - 0.06

Waiting for them showing their ugly head.

Core manual Version Story

Version 0.01

First public beta. Yay!

Version 0.02

All the cards are now included, because I’m a total dolt and somehow some pages were lost when I created the first PDF!

Some typos corrected

Added a Version History section (yep, this one)

Added a new genre (Tragedy), which led to some redistribution of the original tropes.

Swapping the ‘Just survive’ and ‘Shock and Scandal’ motivations: the latter sounds more negative than the former, after all…

Version 0.03

Some more typos corrected and text amended; due to the latter, probably (surely?) brand new shiny typos added.

The Stats of the sample Main Cast characters have been revised and corrected.

The typical gameplay flow has been explicitly talked about, instead of just being left implicit (that would be the new GameplayZ, the return section about).

The concept of ‘Pre-release trailer’ has been promoted to the main rules chapter, in a modified and expanded version!

The Tutorial III has been updated to take into account the previous point…also, making explicit what was just implicit.

The mix/max AR values to please or stress an NPC have been softened, and Update relationships Action now also activates when using Take a rest, as I felt that changing relationships was going to take forever with the old rules.

Some Actions haven been revised and errata’ed (including fixing inconsistencies with their respective cards); special attention should be given to the Fight for victory and Deal with a fine mess, where two errata made some consequences way nastier as should they be!

Version 0.04 (a.k.a. ‘The universally-most-beloved version of any RPG or movies franchise!’ (^__^) )

More Whack’a’errata has been played.

The mysteriously vanished ‘Reading the fine print’ text box has been restored. Where has being hidden all this time, is an another mystery for another time.

The game has been ‘generalized, in the sense that the sample game (that “Japanese High School + Supernatural elements” combination) is just offered as that, an example.

Rules for mundane Quirks have been added...being the rules in the ‘Outlaw Effect – Trek Wars’ Add-on I wrote between this version and the previous one (even if with some little changes here and there).

Now there’s a maximum penalty you may get for being predictable, stressed and that kind of stuff. So, even if you get several bad rolls in a row, that wouldn’t put you in a nearly unsolvable situation!

Version 0.05

The ‘Furious’ Reaction emoji has been changed to a more pissed off one (to synchronize it with the Ro5s Add-on version).

The card ‘NPC 1’ was duplicated…and that’s because one of the should have been the ‘Hub’ card, who was missing until now. Also, the cards from Location 2 to Location 10 were also duplicated. Maybe I was overcompensating for what happened with the first version?

Fun fact: I realized the former mistakes when I also had a revelation and realized than those cards aren’t strictly needed (see the box ‘Specific cards Vs. Generic cards’ in page 11 for the details). Another fun fact: that ‘moment of clarity’ came in week that I’ve been reading ‘The Way of Zen”, by Allan Watts. But that’s just a coincidence…or is it? <DUH DUH DUUUUUUH> 

Version 0.06

It’s official: those ‘generic’ NPC and Location cards are out of the game, and this time it’s not because I forgot them but because at this point I have realized that they create more problems than they solve. But the good news is that I still was left with a blank cell, so I was able to keep the ‘Horse Armor” DLC. Huzzah! 

The Create Bond Action has been modified to make the transition from Attitude to Bond less punishing for 7 -9 results. 

As it seems, a ‘purpose’ and a ‘porpoise’ are different things, so I shouldn’t have used the latter word when I was thinking in the former. I learnt something new! ^ ___ ^

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