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KEEPING CONTACT! - Standalone Social system for Solo Roleplaying

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Come on! Bōkensha-kun is treating you a jug of beer! 
Don't leave him hanging!

KEEPING CONTACT! is a stand-alone social system for solo roleplaying designed to be used with any other RPG ruleset. This system has been inspired by a certain style of videogame system that you’ll probably recognize if you’re familiar with it. No more details about that will be given, to not spoil the surprise. On the other hand, it can be safely said that you’ll find rules for first impressions, established backstories, long-term and short term-relationships, Faction membership, and more! Yep, including romancing!

This Social system is the stand-alone version of the one that can be found in VISORPG-Z+ (available just here, in this blog) game.

And if you’re just feeling some deja-vu after reading all this…well, plenty of this has been just a copy&paste’d from theprevious entry in this blog. As I said once: recycling is good for the environment, so let’s recycle as much as we can!

CLICK HERE FOR THE PDF VERSION (Just in case you missed the other links, twice)

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