jueves, 17 de noviembre de 2022

LET'S TALK! - Standalone NPC Dialogue System for Solo Roleplaying


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LET’S TALK! is a stand-alone dialogue system for solo roleplaying designed to be used with any other RPG ruleset. This system has been inspired by the classic tree-dialogue videogame system; to be precise, it’s based on those games where dialogue options are represented by just a word, short phrase, or even an icon. Luckily, this won’t be one of those games where the writer put words in the mouth of your character that you never, ever, would use, or even worse, mislead you…because in this case you would be the one selecting those words!

This Dialogue system is the stand-alone version of the one that can be found in VISORPGZ (available just here, in this blog) game. To be fair, even if it was an already quite ‘stand-alone’-ish system to begin with, it nevertheless included some mentions to other mechanics. Thus, you'll find in this document a fully system-agnostic version of those rules!

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