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MQGA-32p: A solo RPG system in 32 pages


Just click the image to get the PDF.
No, seriously, do it. It's free!
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"card"-less and "character sheet"-less!

ADD-ONS (Yep, I'm also doing some of those)

MQGA-32p ('Making Questions and Getting Answers in 32 pages') is my attempt to create an RPG that fits in a 32-pages documents, as hinted in its name. Which, truth be told, is quite the challenge for me due to my inclination to ramble and to add stuff just for the sake of it! 

MQGA-32p uses a 39-card deck for action resolution. And also, as an inspiration source when creating characters, locations, events, etc., on the spot: the cards include icons, descriptors, etc., in addition to the 'this is for action-resolution' parts. A game, or Saga, will be divided in a series of Tales, and during each one you will play one Plot of those available (each one divided in five different steps, and with a table listing typical events for each one of those steps), namely...
  • Under Siege, where you face a threat from a defensive position...at least at the beginning!
  • Solving a Mystery, where you carried out some investigation.
  • The Plan, where you try to execute a perfectly crafted plan that nevertheless is doomed to fail at some point so you'll have to improvise a new plan; except if that was always part of the plan, of course!
  • A Journey, where you go from Point A to Point B, being them far apart.
  • The Incursion, where you do the equivalent of a "dungeon raid". Nuff' said. 
  • The Quest, where you play in one Act a full self-contained mission, which usually includes going to Point A to Point B (being them somewhat close together).
The game also includes a series of templates, with tables for specific skills, NPCs, locations, conventions & cliches, etc., namely...
  • High School Comedy
  • Pirates!
  • Pulp RPG-matic Universe (PRU)
    • Action Pulp
    • Detective Tales
    • Cosmic Horror
    • Mob Stories
  • Roma, Urbs Aeterna
  • Slasher Flick
  • Space Rogues
  • Supers
  • Sword & Sorcery
  • Zombie Outbreak

  • First version released! Some hiccups with the character sheet, nonetheless, but I have done worse. Faaaaar worse...

  • Some mistakes and inconsistencies have been corrected.
  • Conflicts don't prematurely end anymore: Duskwillow was right, and the losing side should keep hoping until the end.
  • The Flow & Odds relationship has been modified, and also more clearly labelled in the character sheet.
  • The term 'Act' is replaced by 'Tale'. It's not assumed anymore than every game will have three Plots, so a shorter one will only have one Tale, period. A game with two or three Tales, on the other hand, is called 'a Saga'. It's just a change of nomenclature, to be honest, but also of philosophy.
  • In 0.01 version, a Wild Card during a Conflict could potentially harm the underdog instead of helping (as in, replacing a conflict-winning hit for a change in Flow that yeah, its good...but not as good as WINNING!!!). So now, the effects of a Wild Card in a Conflict replace the bad results in the card, or improve the good results in it.


  • Card design has been modified, allowing more descriptors in each one. Also, 2D6 and D66 have been added to them, because 36 cards can reproduce their result distribution, and there're too many cool tables based on them to miss the chance of use them!
  • Once said that, now there are 39 cards, because Wild Cards are now treated as their own thing. These 3 new cards only have one emoji each one...all of them quite wild looking!
  • There was free room for one more table (or two, in one case!), and so it has been properly filled. Behold the tables of 'Implements of slaughter / desperate defence', 'Zombie traits', 'Out-of-school activities', and others!
  • Some colour has been added here and there. More importantly, the cover is now black letters over white background, instead of the opposite: the latter looked pretty on the screen, but has horrible for printing (seriously, what was I even thinking?!?). I have also modified accordingly the Ultimate Tournament add-on.
  • A few little changes here and there, as a Villain Plot Generator for the Supers Template (as the powers are now in the cards), a little discussion about different ways of framing quests, etc.


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