martes, 15 de marzo de 2022

[VISORPG] HIGHER RESOLUTION - A troperrific, cliche-laden and convention-filled Add On for VISORPG (but potentially standalone)


[Update: The content of this Add-on has been included in the second edition of the 
VISORPG system. So, if you came here only for the tropes, just click in the link below...but if you're interested in the whole deal, you can find the full game here!]

[Another update: Since 01/29/23, there's something that's a lot like a second edition of this tool, even if with a different name. You can find it here!]

[And keeping with the updates: Since 04/18/23, there's even a sequel of that something-like-a-second edition. You can find it here!]

Download link (Ver 0.01)

As if VISORPG wasn’t already full of clichés, tropes and conventions, this Add-on will take it up to eleven! In its 16 landscape-oriented pages, you’ll find a bunch of 10 x 10 tables with tropes and simillar stuff for different genres: Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, Sci-Fi and Superpowers. Yes, that means that, for use the, you’ll need 2d10 in addition to the usual 2d6. What did you expect? If you want to play with higher resolutions, you must update your hardware!

Also, this Add-on expands the runes tables, following the same principle: 100 results instead of 36 for each table. That means that the chances of getting a ‘Platypus’ result will be greatly diminished. Feature? Bug? The jury is still out on this one.

As things are, this Add-on could be used as an additional Oracle for other solo RPGs. Maybe a somewhat weird Oracle...but who am I to judge? 

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